ACG Astro*Carto*Graphy
By Donald A. Bradley

I. Introduction

In order to understand what your Astro*Carto*Graphy map means it's best to understand what a horoscope is. The planets, which seem to move constantly in the sky, do so because of two factors: their own orbits around the Sun, and the motion of the Earth in its daily rotation. A horoscope is just a map of the sky at the moment and place of birth, and no two are ever alike unless the individuals were born at the same time and place. If you have a conventional horoscope for yourself, you can see how it is just a map of the sky — if you were born at around Noon, for example, the Sun symbol in your chart appears near the top, just as the Sun did in the sky at that moment of time, and the other planets are also as they appeared then. However if you had been born at the same time, but in a different place, the chart would change, since when it is Noon in Chicago, it is late afternoon in London, so the Sun in that theoretical chart would be in a different part of the horoscope altogether, and would symbolically have a different meaning.
The planets move fairly slowly, staying in the same part of the zodiac for months or even years, but the Earth rotates at a fairly rapid rate, so even a few minutes of time difference in births put different planets in different positions relative to the local horizon of the location, and this is the reason that even twins will have different horoscopes, and thus, different destinies. But, we have just seen that motion on the Earth's surface has the same effect as changing the time, so that, within certain limits, you can change your chart by travel away from your place of birth.
In a horoscope astrologers have long noticed that there are four zones of power, called the "angles" of the chart. The Ascendant, as the rising degree is called, the Descendant, its opposite point, the Midheaven, or top of the chart, and its opposite, called the Imum Coeli, or I.C., have been shown over the centuries to be the most powerful positions in the horoscope. People born with the planets near these angles exhibit strongly the qualities associated with those planets — if Mars is at one of these positions, the person
is aggressive; if Jupiter is nearby he is literary, prosperous and wise; if it is Saturn, she is cautious, and so forth. Astrologers in the past, and recently, like Michel Gauquelin, the French scientist, have seen that in horoscopes where a planet is near one of these most powerful zones, it is the dominant factor in the personality of the owner of that chart.
But we have already seen that a few minutes of birth time would change which planets occupy these all-important angles, and have also seen that the same effect could be had by moving the birthplace. Since space travel is easier than time travel, this idea is the essence of Astro*Carto*Graphy, By moving to certain select locations, planets are brought to the angles of your birthchart, where they exert maximum power.
Can moving really change your destiny? If the ideas of astrology are valid, and the concerted, though ill-informed opinions or hundreds of "scientists" over several centuries have failed to convince anyone that they are not, then there are indeed powerful zones on Earth's surface where certain portions of your destiny can be expected to manifest more directly than in others. In some places planets, the energy sources of the horoscope, occupied powerful angular positions at the moment of your birth, and residence in such places should lead to experiencing those planetary energies. Your Astro*Carto*Graphy map shows where these zones were at your exact birth moment.
How much change can you expect if you move to such a place? Of course, you have to be reasonable. If you have never been very lucky, or if you have had life-long problems in love, a move to an astrological power zone won't change you overnight. The habit and memory patterns of years of negative experience will have to be slowly overcome. But whatever potentials you do have for love, prosperity, success or what-have-you, will manifest far easier, faster and with more certainty, according to astrological theory, in those places where the planets that stand for those potentials are angular. Now, this brings up an important point — all these zones aren't the same; some may be good for money, some bad for love; in some, work may prosper, while in others, home matters may fail, and the location you live in now may be part of the reason for success or failure in certain parts of your life. Every human potential exists somewhere on Earth for each person, at least as much as their destiny will permit, and the Astro*Carto*Graphy map shows you where.
Time and travel on the Earth's surface are much the same thing — if it is 10 o'clock where you are, it is 6 o'clock someplace else. By travelling, you can adjust your horoscope so that it operates as if you were born at a different time. This puts the spotlight on different areas of your destiny, areas perhaps more successful and happy than those in which you presently strive.


The map that accompanies this text is for you and you alone. Drawn by a computer, furnished with your birth data, it shows the places on Earth from which the ten planets were angular (appeared at their most powerful positions) at the moment of your birth. It shows these by drawing colored lines across the map, and anywhere along or near these lines are the planetary zones of power. Each planet has four lines, just as
there are four powerful, angular positions, and, since there are ten planets (including Sun and Moon), there are forty lines in all, which of course, cross over each other in various patterns.
The rest of this book defines the meanings of these lines. Each planet has a general meaning, a "spirit", or essence that will manifest both in your personality as it changes to accommodate the new experiences in these new zones, and in the circumstances that await you there. These basic planetary meanings are described in the pages that follow. They are somewhat changed by whether the particular line in question is the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or I.C. line for that planet, so there are additional paragraphs that define what these distinctions signify, and these should be read also.
If you know of a place in which you are interested, first find it on the map. (You may have to use a larger map for details, as this world map omits small towns and villages.) Then see which of the lines pass close by or through it, and note the identifying letters that mark these lines. There is a key at the end of this introduction identifying these symbols, and this will tell you which planet each line represents, and whether, at this place on Earth, it appeared on the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or I.C. Then, look up the meaning of that planet in the section on single planets, and read what the planet means generally, and what it means in that particular position. This is what awaits at that place on Earth.
If you are looking for some specific life activity, say, for example, love and marriage, you may do well to read all the interpretations as presented in this pamphlet, and select those that most closely fit what you think you want. Then look on your map, and find the symbols that mark the lines that refer to those planets. For love and marriage, the Venus lines, especially in Ascendant and Descendant positions, marked "VE" on the map, probably come closest. Find these lines on the map, and be assured that the adjoining areas hold the richest promise for that life activity. Anywhere along these lines is about equal in power, with the exception of the places on the Midheaven lines marked "O" (astronomical Zenith), which are especially strong.
Of course, in many places, two or more lines must be dealt with. If both are pleasant-seeming and compliment each other, then so much the better. If one is stressful, then it will affect the other. The last section of this book interprets the meaning of any two planets in combination, for closer and more precise analysis. There are 45 possible crossings, or planetary pairs, though some may not appear in some charts, except in polar latitudes. You will notice there are places near the North and South poles where many lines cross, and while these places are usually inaccessible and inhospitable, and thus unlikely places for prolonged residence, they would certainly be zones of great, perhaps too great, astrological power.
Sometimes, you will find a line with two labels, and this indicates the planets were exactly conjunct at time of birth, and operate together always in the individual's life.
The lines that are closest to your actual birthplace represent the strongest planets in your natal chart, and these are influences that have life-long significance, no matter where you move. You will probably find that in reading the interpretations for those lines and crossings, your major character traits are described. Moving near another set of lines will act to gradually spotlight another part of your life potential, and another set of life experiences and responses will demand greater and greater parts of your conscious-
ness. Nevertheless, the lines near your birthplace (your natal chart) are a foundational personality never entirely outgrown.
If a place you want to go has no lines near it, what then? First, you should understand that "near" means about % inch on this map, on either side of the line. Some people have found that one side of the line is quite different from the other side (West is usually stronger), and that the positive aspects of the planet manifest on one side, and the negative on the other. This variation is noted in the section of interpretations with phrases like: "West is probably best." If the desired place is too distant from any line, it may be a neutral area of undistinguished power. But, to a small degree, if it is halfway between any two lines, accurately measured, it does partake of some of the power of both, though moderately.
Also, if a place you want to go lies on the same line of latitude as a crossing of two planets anywhere on the map, the interpretations of those crossings apply to a lesser extent. That is, if the meaning of the crossing of the Sun and Jupiter lines appeals to you, but the actual crossing of those lines on your map occurs out at sea, and thus is not a reasonable place to reside, anywhere on the same parallel of latitude will be a place where some measure of the Sun-Jupiter effects are manifested. Thus, if this crossing occurs at 37 degrees North latitude, though somewhere in mid-ocean, San Francisco, Richmond, Virginia, and Seville, Spain, are among places in which Sun-Jupiter experiences would manifest to a lesser degree. This can be determined by placing a ruler, parallel to the equator, at the point of crossing, and seeing which places it intersects. It may be noticed that there are usually more than one such crossing affecting a given latitude, and all must be considered.
Finally, there is the factor of how long you have to wait, and this, of course, is not certain. As you probably know, the birthchart is constantly growing and changing, just as you are, and is influenced from time to time by various "transits" and "progressions" that temporarily inhibit or stimulate expression of a planet. There is also the matter of overcoming habits of thought and attitude that prevailed in the earlier location, and this may be a function of your age. Residence of one year seems enough to insure for both of these adjustments, but we know of many people who have experienced definite and exciting evidence of the power of their planets within a few days or weeks of arrival.
You have to be honest with yourself. Everybody thinks he or she wants happiness, prosperity and love, but actually, some people would be bored without hard work and some challenge. You need some self knowledge, perhaps to be gained from the study of conventional astrology, to guide you to understand the things you really want, and thus to the places you should go.
Philosophically, we admit that Astro*Carto*Graphy works not through any planetary magic that "gives" things to you. Instead, it seems to work by allowing dormant or undeveloped parts of the personality to express themselves. If the planet is at Descendant or Midheaven positions, this seems to be occasioned by exterior forces, while if it is in the Ascendant or I.C. positions, it seem to grow out of the inner self.
Astro*Carto*Graphy presents a real opportunity to have conscious control over destiny. Life can only be lived once, and it will be more intense in areas under exact planetary power zones. By being able to find places where certain parts of personal destiny will manifest most strongly, Astro*Carto*Graphy permits the selection of which life potentials will be lived to the fullest. It is a tool of the free will in its constant struggle with the forces of fate.

SU Sun MO Moon ME Mercury

VE Venus MA Mars JU Jupiter

SA Saturn UR Uranus NE Neptune

PL Pluto

The Four Angular Positions
Note: The Midheaven and Imum Coeli (I.C.) lines are straight, and thus correspond to a parallel of longitude. On the Midheaven line is a point marked "O" (the Zenith) of special power. The Ascendant and Descendant lines are curved, some steeply, and others more gently

MH Midheaven line
ASC Ascendant line
IC Imum Coeli (opposite the Midheaven) line
DSC Descendant line
Thus, a line marked "VE ASC" shows the places on earth at which Venus was exactly on the Ascendant in your nativity. Where this line crosses the line marked "MA IC" is a place where Venus was on the Ascendant, and where Mars was also in the I.C. at the time of birth.


Each of the four angular positions has a meaning of its own, which, when added tc that of the planet found there, is the origin of the interpretations to follow. The angles fall into two categories:
Interior Realities
The Ascendant (ASC): Here, the force the planet expresses itself through direct, outward, personal expression. Your personality focusses the force of the planet as a lens does light. For example, where Mars occupies your Ascendant, you act Martian — aggressive, direct, physically active, boisterious, etc. You are identified by the planet's nature.
The Imum Coeli (IC): Here, the force of the planet acts to center or root the individual, and identifies what becomes central in your life, and the route through which you find personal integration and a feeling of security. For example, where Saturn occupies this angle is a place where security, attachment, "belonging" and centeredness are found through tradition, duty and obligation, and where deepest sense of identification becomes attached to these. You are centered through the planet's nature.
Exterior Realities
The Descendant (DSC): Here, the force of the planet expresses itself by attracting circumstances, people and situations like its own nature. By subconscious projection of need, you attract situations like the planet in this place on earth, that challenge you to respond. Thus, difficult planets can be most dangerous here, as they tend to draw problems and challenges to you.
The Midheaven (MH): Here, the force of the planet expresses itself socially, and the social milieu and environment in which you find yourself resembles the nature of the planet found there. Thus, where Jupiter is in the Midheaven you tend to travel in high social circles, meet influential and powerful people, and lead a life in the upper strata of society. You are socially classified by the planet's force.
These basic meanings of the different angles should be kept in mind particularly when reading the combinations that define crossings of two different planetary lines, as the different effects can be distinguished by noting on which angle each planet falls.
Most planetary interpretations contain two paragraphs: the first describes the obvious, external and objective meaning of the planet, while the second defines more philosophical, internal and abstract delineations.

II. Interpretations of Planet bines

Under Any Sun Line (SU)
These are very positive places, and under any Sun line, pride, vanity and an urge to action demand that you become master of your own fate, be your own boss, and make things happen. Humor, leadership and hope are accented, you speak with aloof, taken-for-granted authority and develop a life plan. Circumstances constantly demand loyalty, affection, exuberance and extraversion of you. There will be a thirst for recognition and renoun, you are subject to flattery, and are vain and more attractive, though ruthless in your quest for fame and intelligence, which come relatively easily. Men tend to become fathers here. Health is good in these zones, and success as a self-made hero, artist or producer comes. Love is given, though hardly needed. You make things happen, manipulate the environment, and there's an inner urge toward growth, but dangers lie in overwork,narcissism, arrogance or pomposity, and it is in these zones that you most typify your birth sign.
More abstractly, the Sun zones are where masculine consciousness prevails, whether you are male or female. Logic, energy and will are strong, andThe universe is seen as an object, or part of the not-self. Strongest is the drive to self-actualization, toward a self that is autonomous and outer-directed, an undivided, extraverted, integrated self that is aware above all else of the "I am." Where the Sun is angular, you identify with your creations, and your will is governed by inner determinants, rather than by social or environmental considerations, ana thus, is most free of past and future, existing as a unique, self aware factor in the here and now.

[SU.MC] The Sun On The Midheaven (SU MH):
Here, you rise and advance socially through career and vocational interests, seek to glorify self through social climbing and ostentation, and are successful in keeping company with the "right" people. Good tor promotional work, you may win a place in the artistic or creative world, or at least the trappings of success. Individuality is surrendered to career interests, which come to dominate self-image, but striving is rewarded, and fame may come here more than anyplace else on Earth. Self actualization is sought in the social sphere. West of the line may be best.

[SU.AS] The Sun On The Ascendant (SU ASC):
Art becomes life, and you project pride, vanity, regality, dignity, and some arrogance. Health improves and you pattern yourself after your father, identify with art work, exhibit leadership, audacity, courage and a noble demeanor. Appearance and ostentation become important, and there is danger of self aggrandisement or affectation. Anything that is yours is seen as better than someone else's, and a childlike extraversion promotes self starting qualities as well as self awareness, though there is danger of narcissism and theatricality .You become a radiant, self made, joyful person who builds life out of itself, and inspires others with love and admiration. Excellent for actors, somewhat West of the line is best.

[SU.IC] The Sun On The I.C. (SU IC):
This is a good and vital place to seek retirement, or to found a family. You become a good host, run your household well, and create security through your own abilities. Fatherhood is possible here, or a position of honor in an extended family or community living situation. Fondness for your own family intensifies, and bygones are forgotten. Personal security becomes a conscious destiny and property is acquired that increases in value. This is also a place for self rehabilitation, in health or psyche, and your creativity brings security into being for self or others. West of line is best.

[SU.DS] The Sun On The Descendant (SU DSC):
Here relationships, their creation and perfection, dominate. You are generous and outgoing to mates, and yet select relationships that appeal to your vanity. Marriage is sought or created, as there is a deep need for others to stimulate your own creativity. You seem on stage in relationships, which bring out the best in you, and you project nobility, honor and leadership onto others, bringing out the best in them. Artistic people are attracted to you. Cooperation, sexuality, competition and one to one relationships are areas of high awareness and the stage on which you define yourself. Salesmen do best here, slightly West of the line.

Under Any Moon Line (MO)
Under any Moon - angular line, you become the center of attention, and are buffeted about by desires and needs, reacting to life with the total involvement of a child watching a movie. You get involved with people and their concerns, feel exposed, sensitive, symjpathetic, sentimental, and easily influenced, and your child-like spontaneity usually has you acting like on of the gang, unable to say "No". Like a, child,'you, need
love intensely, and it tends to be one-sided and impermanent. You identify with your mother, and maternal instincts are accented under these lines. You get in touch with your feelings, are prone to tears and laughter, seek security, often through consumerism, and find little of the Constancy that you crave in your life.
More abstractly this is the place where the ego in negative expression manifests. Needs are overwhelming, and you live for the gratification of appetites, as sensation is perceived more strongly in these areas. Self grows and changes through imitation and seeks identity outside; appetites guide destiny. Erotic urges are compulsive and insatiable, and there is deep need to nurture self and others. You have a naive emotional reaction to every feeling affect, sensing yourself too close to every person or situation. The Moon is the "infinite capacity for perception", and thus the environment becomes dominant where it is angular.

[MO.MC] The Moon On The Midheaven (MO MH):
Here you have an emotional involvement with your status in society and a need for social acceptance, so there is deep sensitivity to public feelings and probably some political awareness. All of this fits you well for a job in public service or the helping professions, and there is a need to be useful, particularly in your job, which might also be in domestic concerns. There is a strong attachment to your mother here. People in higher positions, like the boss, seem to notice your affairs constantly, and you are deeply affected by status, seem to crave it more, and tend to define yourself by your social needs, or by your needs for attention. All these needs and feelings fluctuate, however, so sustained effort toward any goal is dependent upon exterior forces. East of the line may be better than West.

[MO.AS] The Moon On The Ascendant (MO ASC):
Here, you tend to yield to any temptation, may gain weight, and seem pushed around by your desires and cravings. You identify with your mother, or may become one, and endeavor to please or impress others. You act shy, retiring, sympathetic, sentimental and needful, and identify with your own and others' needs, tending to get mixed up in their affairs as a consequence. The present evokes a response of timidity but sensitivity, and you are deeply affected by environmental considerations, develop powers of adaptation, and are able to care for others. You try to become what you think others want you to be, and you are painfully aware of others' opinions, so self definition is largely reflective, intuitive and sensitive. East of the line probably best.

[MO.IC] The Moon On The I.C. (MO IC):
Here, family matters, concerns of home and property tend to take up all of your time and energy. There is a comfortable feeling of belonging, and a need to seek and insure security, but also a tendency to move constantly, due to a need to totally control environment, and to insure privacy. You want to feel at home and secure, but things out of your control keep happening, especially West of this line, and people who need you seem to be always arriving. "Me and mine" ideas develop strongly here, and you are able to blend into any environment, seem to belong where you are, despite the constant change and emotionalism with which home and personal matters are charged.

[MO.DS] The Moon On The Descendant (MO DSC):
You are much talked about here, and others get themselves involved in your affairs, especially in legal and marital situations. You crave relationship, and may lean on a
marriage partner for emotional support, and thus attract complex involvements and situations that deeply affect your feelings. Any one-to-one relationship tends to feel out of your control. You may be married here, almost entirely on another's initiative. You need to be needed, and may attract parasites in relationships, as you easily compromise, and project your needs onto others. You may find successful work in a "helping profession" or one dealing with the public, as you get your own needs mixed up with others', guaranteeing an interesting, if not stable time in any form of personal or legal relationship. Eventually, you learn to seek advantages for yourself, and West of this line is probably preferable.

Under Any Mercury Line (ME)
Where Mercury, messenger of the gods, dominates your chart, mind, communication, travel, ideas, verbal expression and work develop best. These are good places for perfection of mental and verbal skills, education, travel, the perfection of wit, a mischievous irreverence and youthful mentality. Technical achievements succeed in these zones, and lines of communication develop between self and others, perhaps through publication or involvement in community affairs. This is an area where business of any kind, but especially those involving mail order, distribution or transportation would prosper, and career may grow out of hobbies. Work, employment and educational opportunities are to be found under these lines. Information comes easily, ideas flow well, so these areas are good for writers, and acquisitive instincts are also accented.
Mercury stands for the process of initiation, recognition of your own name, and under its lines, you are noticed, have your name written down, or are publically identified. Mercury is least erotic of the planets; it reactivates a youthful immaturity, so you seem younger here, and sexually, somewhat neutral. It copes with the environment through classifying, identifying, interpreting and attaching labels, and under its lines, you become sensitive to noise, nervous, would tend to lose weight, learn adaptability and tend to practical concerns and analysis. Mercury is not creative, but rearranges and defines less organized ideas to seem that way. Criminality, if an option, may manifest here, as ends justify means, and things are seen in an amoral, totally reasonable manner.

[ME.MC] Mercury On The Midheaven (ME MH):
This is the place to go to find work, especially in business, mail-order, education, crafts, travel, literary work or teaching, as you tend to identify yourself socially through crafts, work and career, and even hobbies have ambitions attached to them, or are competitive. The mind and verbal powers are used to advance personal power needs, there is conscious participation in politics or community affairs, and skills are learned of social importance. Local politics may succeed here, as your name tends to be bandied around a lot, or reported, and there is growing sense of social responsibility, a desire to go one better, and a sense of social gamesmanship. The rules of success are learned well, and played well, though without much feeling here. West of the line is better than East.

[ME.AS] Mercury On The Ascendant (ME ASC):
Here, you identify with your mind and/or work. You may be known for your profession, mental abilities, repartee, conversational or manual skills, craftsmanship, expressiveness, versatility or adaptability. You seem younger here, and motility is gained, so that those suffering from handicaps may undergo most successful therapy here. You stay mobile, you ideas become well known, and you say what you think, but reserve the right to change your mind. Physical coordination and reactions may improve here. Abstractly, self definition and understanding bloom here, and everything contributes to an awareness of self, so the mind is used in effort to discover the essential meaning of your life. Your ideas serve to differentiate you from others, and the outer self changes constantly, deflecting definition and highlighting the inner essential self. West of the line is best.

[ME.IC] Mercury On The I.C. (ME IC):
The past is used here to define self, and an historical interest in family, roots and origins manifests. Genealogy becomes a preoccupation, and patriotism, national and religious tradition tend to become more relevant to self definition. You can look into, cope with and come to deal with the past especially in private, and you are most conditioned by the past here, and seek to understand the archeology of self, perhaps through psychoanalysis. Racial and family "karma" are a fascination under this line, so there is intellectual concern with pure being. What you do here may be noted in the family history, as you seek to understand your origins, and home concerns remain fluid, changing and interesting. East of line best.

[ME.DS] Mercury On The Descendant (ME DSC):
Here is where you should go to succeed as a counsellor, salesman, to sell your ideas, or to promote yourself, and advertising, journalism, publicity and other verbal skills are instinctively improved under Mercury. Debate, objective and business relationships work well here, though sexual partnerships may loose intensity and passion. This is a good area for dealing with young people, and educators succeed as well as pupils. You tend to reflect prevailing ideas, and your mind is stimulated to grow through relationships. Recreation is enjoyed here, and your own work concerns, hobbies, verbal abilities and mental creativity become identified with other people, and can be perfected with their help. East of the line best for work concerns, as there, you become known for your profession.

Under Any Venus Line (VE):
Venus areas of the world are among the most desirable for many people. Here is where mercy, friendship, benevolence, conviviality, marriage, romance, though not so much sex, enter the life, and people met here may become lifelong friends. Appreciation of art, sensuality and beauty intensify, and fondness for pretty things, children and pets increases. Walt Disney's world is a Venusian one, and flowery, happy endings occur here, though Venus has its negative side, that of laxity, laziness and lassitude — after all, what does Mickey Mouse do for a living? The environment is pleasurable under Venus, and good things to eat and taste with all the senses dominate consciousness. Acquisitiveness is heightened, and you seem more attractive to others, and become
popular in a teen-age type peer group. Yet there can be shallowness, and a tendency to wait for things to happen, as Venus is somewhat passive. This is a good place to store wealth, and investment or possessions here increase in value with time.
Psychologically, Venus stands for narcissism, the love of self, so that under Venus lines a nostalgia for the wonderful prompts you to develop yourself into the image of your desire, and love tends to be with projected images of the self, so that fetishes, religious or otherwise, come to hold fascination. Mystically, Venus is the vivifying force of life, perceived erotically, and under its influence you breathe life into yourself. Values and standards evolve under Venus, as it stands for the appreciation of eroticism, rather than its initiation. As the long term result of life is death, there is a little of the somber under Venus influence, as the vivification of externality, as children, is reminder of self s limitations. Romeo and Juliet type romances may occur, as Venus is surrender to affect, and standards of erotic perception are set for life.

[VE.MC] Venus On The Midheaven (VE MH):
Where Venus occupies the Midheaven you are identified in society by what you have, and thus, money often becomes a major preoccupation. This often means social, or artistic success, and you are admired as one who has made it with style. Arts often figure into vocation here. Esthetic perceptions are used in social milieux, so you bring together rather fashionable, jet-setty people, and display social graces and charm as major armaments in your quest for enviable social advantage. Some of the social graces perfected are rather useless, but success in vocations of ornament, fashion and decoration, as well as arts, is indicated. Other people come to see you as you like to see yourself, and you are identified by how you get what you want. Lifestyle is crucial here and you enjoy more, and more obviously than most people. East of the line best.

[VE.AS] Venus On The Ascendant (VE ASC):
Here is where you go to become beautiful and to recreate yourself in your own image of beauty. Clothing, vanity and fashion appeal, and you define yourself by the company you keep, aiming high for socially desirable relationships, and ultimately seeking and finding a useless life of laziness and enjoyment. Here you learn to like yourself. Women here tend toward a Hollywood sex kitten image, pink bathtubs and bubbles, while men act the peacock. You are rather possessive here, and the integration of others' personalities into your own seems to give you the right to play prima donna. Men may here come to terms with the feminine parts of their personalities (the anima), and training is undertaken to enhance attractiveness, especially West of the line.

[VE.IC] Venus On The IC (VE IC):
Here, ease, laxity and luxury are transplanted into the home, which may become something of a social center. Residence should be in the country, as sewing, gardening, baking, agriculture and the domestic arts are enjoyed, and talents increase. Land, mines and investment prosper here, and thumbs become green with practice. Appreciation and affection for the family deepens, and children are born here, as there is deep need for a secure, loving, supportive and beautiful home. You look best at home, which may eventually become cluttered with pets, people and bric-a-brac, but decorative skills flower in this astrological climate, and environmental beauty, peace and security form the foundation for personal progress and advance in the world. West of line best.

[VE.DS] Venus On The Descendant (VE DSC):
This is probably the best place to get married, especially for women, but you tend to attract lazy, but beautiful people. You become skilled, clever and effectual at all forms of human relations, gracious, charming and social. Harmony and cooperation are projected outward, and thus return, though you let others do most of the work in relationship, and see the "quality" of social relationships or marriage as important. Your own beauty is projected onto others, and there is pride in the loved one's attractiveness, and efforts are made to enhance it. All life's pleasures tend to get involved in others, but you are loved for the effect you have on people, and, if you are content to live for others, this place can be quite happy. West of line best.

Under Any Mars Line (MA):
Mars' power is intense, and should be respected and used with caution. Under Mars, you tend to be boisterous, opportunistic, masterful, dominating, courageous, and overcome by passions like jealousy and anger. Sporting and engineering ability come out under Mars, and one is boastful of one's scars, to whose number some may be added — Mars is accident prone. Temper, violence, passion, sex and other biological urges are here more powerful, much the opposite of Venus' love and fondness, and even marriage is contentious under Mars. There is a reluctance to feel close to men, and impulse to compete with them, and the whole "machismo" complex manifests under Mars, even in women, who here come to terms with the masculine parts of their psyches (the animus). Healing and growth are accomplished by excision, and this can be psychological as well as medical. Here you become the athlete or builder, and domination, competition and sex are projected onto every life activity, so that virility, some cruelty and power are expressed, and action and adventure sought. Pain and danger are dealt with frequently, and with bravado, and the exercise of power is invigorating.
Psychologically, Mars is the power to advance self, and the world is seen as a hostile place where one does battle with others for selfish ends. Physical intelligence develops, through erotic stimulation and challenge, and you "become a man," no matter what your sex. The idea that all nature is renewed by fire, war or sex seems in keeping with Mars, so bridges are burned, and childhood often bid farewell. The use of force is purgatory to the psyche, under Mars, which tends to destroy what it cannot master. There is continual contest with others' powers and your own passions, and here, you make decisions and take actions that commit you to the struggle for survival.

[MA.MC] Mars On The Midheaven (MA MH):
Here, you strive for success and position in society, often through military, engineering, building or physical work, professions usually associated with men, and there is a drive to pioneering accomplishment and individualistic success. Sexual orientation may be discovered or experienced, and there is definite identification of self as somewhat "macho," and an attraction to a social atmosphere more coarse, masculine and unrefined than usual. Authority is rebelled against, pain is quietly borne, and there is over-estimation of self, zeal for work, and accident proneness. Success comes through initiative, courage and confidence in self, and through the overcoming of antagonisms and competition. Others may see you as something of a Casanova, and you act like a part in a Humphrey Bogart movie. West of line preferable.

[MA.AS] Mars On The Ascendant (MA ASC):
Here, you become the "macho" image, seek to compete, are physically stronger, active and rash, seem courageous, yet clumsy and boisterous. You look for confrontations, and woe to those who affront you under a rising Mars. You present a strong sexual come-on, and anyone is fair game. You carry a big stick and assert that actions speak louder than words, so that here is best for athletic success, while there is a recklessness that insures you your share of the bumps. You can attract attention to yourself by pushing yourself to your limits, or even by self inflicted pain (athletic competition is usually painful), and physical force is often the court of last resort. You get wholly involved in what you do, but there is an element of self dislike here, and tendency to subject self to harsh, demanding and challenging situations, perhaps with unfortunate long term results. West of the line is best, and life is rarely dull under this line.

[MA.IC] Mars On The IC (MA IC)
Home, family, property and the past tend to be scenes of challenge and trouble here, and while this place is good for pioneering a home, carving it out of the wilderness and building it yourself, there tends to be too much tension and challenge where you need to feel safe, and things always threaten security. Here you can learn your instincts, and how to react through them, effect reform in your family home and self concept, but such reform tends to be violent and radical, and family members are antipathetical. Your sex image becomes your self image, and you need a constant outlet for energy. You center yourself through conquest, force and challenge, but constant tension probably tires you out. East less tense than West of line.

[MA.DS] Mars On The Descendant (MA DSC):
This is one of the least desirable locations, as here, you attract violence and others' antipathy, especially if there is any self dislike in your makeup. Love is passionate and competitively assertive, and relationships usually passionate and combattive. Marriage is apt to get rather unpleasant, though this is an area where others find you sexually appealing, and you are willing or unwilling object of their attentions. Health is subject to frequent upsets, and you tend to project anger, so that relationships are short lived and intense. The hard sell dominates, the world seems, and perhaps is, hostile, legal concerns fail, and there is constant external pressure on you. East of line problems are more self-originated than West.

Under Any Jupiter Line (JU):
Any Jupiterian influence is usually beneficial, and under its lines, prosperity, success, good luck, honor and accomplishment can be expected. This is the planet of humor, quality, integrity, status, class distinction, prizes, religion and the mind, so its locations are those in which life is easy, where one climbs socially, and where leisure, nonproductive activity, and bourgeois conformity are apt to manifest. Hope and faith bring things into being merely by wishing for them, and under Jupiter, you are apt to be optimistic, perhaps blindly so, "decent," and more important, or self-important, in community or -business. Health improves, as do magical or healing abilities, and this is the best place for business or education.
Psychologically, Jupiter is the process of growth through external addition, and thus, under Jupiter, you grow and evolve, under the imagined protection of dieties or forces favorable to self. Superstition and religion flourish under Jupiter, as one's luck and distinction from the mass are seen as the product of forces' or persons' favoritism. Every need is automatically taken care of, and these are the least tension-producing and challenging places there are. Righteousness, leisure and bourgeois morals and pleasures triumph. Music is under Jupiter, and there is a zest for life where this planet dominates, and stagnation is avoided by constant education and new ideas.
The mind aspires to the lofty, trying to encompass the entire universe, and things are seen in general rather than particular contexts. Here the ultimate temptation is the fulfilment of ambition, followed by the abandonment of life's meaning and goals for complaisant middleclass values and self satisfaction, and a blind belief that outward growth is the answer to every question.

[JU.MC] Jupiter In The Midheaven (JU MH):
Here is one of the best places to be — there are easy meetings with remarkable, rich and powerful people, and you are preferred in work situations and tend to rise socially, as business and personal status increase. You exhibit a real care for others that could put you in public office, find you supported by society, or in one of the helping professions, especially any branch of medicine. Success conies here, and you develop ostentation, and display inherent "superiority" and quality. The Joneses try to keep up with you, and fame, wealth and protective insulation seem to come your way. This is the best location for progress in religious, legal or medical concerns, society, business or fame, but there is always danger of complaisancy, "selling out," or abandoning principles or self determination, as life here is almost too easy. Publication and writing succeed spectacularly here. West of line best.

[JU.AS] Jupiter On The Ascendant (JU ASC):
Here you exude self-confidence, personal quality, and may have healing or religious power. Faith, optimism and hope are outwardly seen, and have effects on those who know you, so that you can demonstrate the power of positive thinking, and perhaps work miracles of faith in the lives of others. People bereft of faith are attracted to you, and you may take this all too seriously, becoming pompous, self important, overweight, lax and very much the big frog in the small pond.
Spiritual evolution is also possible here, and people imitate, or even follow you, but other forces may be needed to keep you from going to pot. You become a person of consequence, the essence of establishment values, and a pillar of the community, and are rattier liked by most people for the joy you take in life, your generosity and obvious kindness. East of line best.

[JU.IC] Jupiter On The IC (JU IC):
This is a good place to retire, or to find the perfect place to live, and family life prospers here as nowhere else. Real estate increases in value, you look forward to a secure old age, and become a matriarch or patriarch, pillar of society, and successful, though conservative, politician. This is your place on earth, and you can make things grow, live off the land, or become a landlord. Your family develops tradition, grows a family tree, and comes to a heritage and pride in itself. You can find a sense of inner worth here, and this is the best place to center self in past and tradition, and find the real
self within. You feel able to care for less fortunate persons, and become benevolent and generous, as you contentedly pursue your own religious or family destiny. Here, in your personal Garden of Eden, you cease outer struggle and build a feeling of inner worth, sharing your success with those closest to you. West of the line better than East.

[JU.DS] Jupiter On The Descendant (JU DSC):
Here you attract influence and assistance from persons in high places. Relationships are fortunate, and others seem to always come to your aid, psychically or financially. You may marry or relate to persons who are well off, and here is an excellent location for a lawyer or salesperson, and any legal battles go best here. Personal salvation, religious or otherwise, comes from relationships, and business or dealings with the public prosper. Life seems guided by others, and you usually get wide public sympathy and support, as well as material assistance. There is some danger of over reliance on mate here, but this is one of the most fortunate areas possible, one in which forces beyondyour control seem determined that you are to have an easy time of it.

Under Any Saturn Line (SA):
Generally, location under any Saturn line is not desirable, except where qualities of perseverance and purpose are so lacking in the character that some hardships are needed to direct the life. Here, you learn the hard way what is lacking in your makeup, and endure periods of want, privation, penury, enforced idleness, hunger, delay, disappointment, impoverishment and loneliness.Your personal power, health and vitality seem at lowest ebb, and others seem to have all the things you want, so you dislike them. You are able to live a spartan existence, and seem to others like a monk, or older than your years, as responsibility and duty are overwhelming. Despite hardships, under Saturn lines, you learn to fend for yourself, develop ambitions that require life-long application, and come to terms with your limitations realistically, physically, mentally, and socially. Hard work is enjoyed here, and plans are made decades in advance. Will power, orderliness and frugality become parts of self, and pleasures are given up. The present is all there is.
Psychologically, Saturn represents the shadow, and strong people may gain knowledge of the darker self under its lines. The struggle to maintain life autonomously, to deal daily with self preservation takes place under Saturn, and all weak parts of self are plumbed, understood and depotentiated as fear-engendering affects. This is where lugubrious ideas centering on death, materialism and determinism are understood, where money and power are sought and retained, where resourcefulness and autonomy are developed, and where the very weaknesses of self are painfully made into strengths and accepted. Patience and wisdom come after long self searching, and whatever is gained here is yours and yours alone. There is a basic fear of life, and failures are focussed by the mind. Puritanism and melancholia may flower, and intolerance alternates with desires to delve into black arts and a fascination with the forbidden. Saturn is for those for whom happiness is not enough.

[SA.MC] Saturn In The Midheaven (SA MH):
This is the best of the four, as the dutiousness and power-need of Saturn are directed outward and seek fulfillment of ambition, personal and political power, and success at
the price of hard work and unrelenting effort. You may seem a loner or a miser here, motivated by buried ideas of social inferiority to make it by any means available, and there is an inability to work under anyone's orders but your own, and deep needs to control anything that might threaten you. This is not an easy place to be, but success comes after years of toil and it is all yours. Here you shout "I'll show them," and plan to get even in 1998, as raw nerves of powerlessness are exposed to others' superiority and advantages. The greatest danger here is overextension of ambition, and energy should be devoted to self-perfection and understanding limitations, lest you become a hated tyrant when your turn to rule comes. You may purposely let yourself fall in social position here in order to be able to rise under your own power.

[SA.AS] Saturn On The Ascendant (SA ASC): ;
Here is where you can rise to personal power\>ver your life, take control of habits and life patterns, seem older and more powerful to others, but pay the price with physical aging, poor health, and a deep sense of personal inferiority. You feel ugly, wear black, tend to hypochondria, may lose weight, feel anxious among strangers, and yet, with time, turn handicaps into personal advantages, and develop a dignity and power that others fear and recognize. There is repulsion from reliance on others, and tendency to assume the role of Victim, as well as inclination toward Puritanism and spartanism. Your final answer to any criticism is that you did it your way, and your past and failures are advertised, which gives you more to overcome. East of the line may be less rigorous than West.

[SA.IC] Saturn On The IC (SA IC):
One of the least desirable places - you become tied to family traditions, persons who are ill, responsibilities, and other inhibitions, and while you are able to center yourself, it is only with bitterness and a sense of all you have missed in life. Family matters are dreary here, and there is unquestioning or enforced acceptance of traditions and outdated customs, and, while this is a good place to come to terms with the past, real estate, matters of old age, relatives and the home all labor under tremendous pressures. This is a poor place to retire, and if you live here, you draw further and further away from others, becoming something of a hermit, though this area can be good for contemplation and
mastery of self. Agriculture may fail here, as it doesn't rain much when you are around, but land values may gradually increase, and minerals and mining are among the few life concerns that go well.

[SA.DS] Saturn On The Descendant (SA DSC):
Here misfortune may come through cooperation or legal concerns, and marriage or any form of relationship carries responsibilities, difficulty, and tends to be for social or power reasons, rather than for affection. You can be the power behind the throne here, tend to be somewhat snobbish, selective and unpopular, and get treated rather like a villain, or a doormat, mostly from needs for rejection that are projected outwards. The weakness and hatred that you bear for parts of yourself tend to get projected outward onto other people, who return the ill feelings in kind. As in any Saturn area, things improve with time, and you can learn to be judicious, impartial and honest, though in relationships you tend to be too cautious, and may miss opportunities. West of the line is best.

Under Any Uranus Line (UR):
If you're bored with life, and would do or give up anything for change, then go to where Uranus, planet of birth and novelty, is angular. This is where you find yourself and define your individuality. Swift, unexpected emancipation and liberation from the past, patterns and habits occur, and you find what it is to be yourself. Mediocrity and the humdrum are replaced by zest and stormy excitement, and you become a dissatisfied soul on a life-long quest for impossible answers. Life becomes colorful, full of contrast and interest, and there are adventures, explorations and removals. Financial dealings fluctuate up and down wildly, and everything is done in the extreme, there being delight in the destruction of bourgeois attitudes and ideals. Others are offended, morals ignored, and, while nothing is apt to become permanent in this location, identity is forged in contrast to the prevailing social opinions. You seek and may find a true peer group of equals, so could find a life long commitment to ideals or a communal living situation, though any such movements would tend to be anti-Establishment and heterodox in the extreme.
Life and self are perceived in nakedness. There are no illusions and thus there is nothing to fear. Diversity and democracy are admired, personal charisma, pride and Promethian daring are enhanced, and you may become a new person, or take a new name. There is perpetual juvenescence, rebelliousness and awareness of cycles, evolution and cosmic consciousness. The environment is identified with the commonplace, and the inner self seen as locus for progress and identification. "There is no coming to individual consciousness without pain," wrote C.G. Jung, and the truth of this statement is appreciated under Uranus, where the excitement of the new is balanced by a sense of loss and alienation from roots and what you have always been.

[UR.MC] Uranus On The Midheaven (UR MH):
Here, your career, social standing, status and power may fluctuate radically from obscurity to fame and back again, unexpectedly and dramatically. There is a
vital love of personal freedom here, and tendency to ignore others' or institutions' supposed power and authority, that casts you into the role of social rebel and rescuer, so that others' lives tend to inextricably and precariously get involved with your own. You may respond with something of a pompous Messiah complex. Everybody talks about you here, and some may admire, while others hate you — no one, it seems, is neutral, as you become the symbol of a movement, a cause, or an ideal. There is a lot of political power to reform here, or to innovate, yet you may get lost in the ramifications of what you have done, and personal ambition gets eclipsed by the causes to which it attaches itself. You remain unaffected by society, whose changes you have catalyzed, and your life is a personal battle for ideals that seem to to get confused with others' needs for liberation from oppression. West of the line is the place of most personal power.

[UR.AS] Uranus On The Ascendant (UR ASC):
Here, you are personally associated with a cause, and others see you as "different," and tend to judge some cause by how you seem to them. Your individuality is unquestioned, and you break rules with such nonchalance that others think you have a right to do so. Here, you are the self-regulated anarchist, who makes others question the need for regulations at all. But you are undependable, and refuse to be needed. Under this line, you can change your name, body, appearance, life success and ideals, every few years, and your only consistent identity is change. People are catalyzed to their own individuality by your own, and your own way of life kindles idealism in others and commitment to personalism. East of line is most exciting.

[UR.IC] Uranus On The IC (UR IC):
Here you are free from the possibility of attachment to anything other than ideals, and you center yourself in beliefs and personalism. Home, material possessions, family, attachment to property, all seem irrelevant and distant, and flux and change continually, so life is led from one minute to the next. You act as a catalyst to others' life structures as well, and disruption tends to follow you around, though others are made to grow by it. It is hard to take root here, houses may self-destruct in some fashion, but such difficulties spur you on to find the true self within, and you become the universal citizen, no less at home in foreign places than in familiar ones, and no more. You inject new life into old forms, especially family traditions, though get called the black sheep for your pains, and emerge with a true sense of selfhood, founded on the manner in which you differ from others. East of the line is more secure.

[UR.DS] Uranus On The Descendant (UR DSC):
Here, personal detachment operates in relationships, and you identify yourself and individuality by your inability to relate to others, except for short periods. You demand all the power in relationships, find that love and partnerships are constantly in flux, and yet are forced to recognize your own power in the midst of all this change. Sexuality tends to dominate relationships. You seek from others what it is hardest for them to give, encourage them to non-dependence, and rely on personal differences to keep you free of attachment and subordination. Extraordinary things happen to you here, and others come second to your own needs for change and excitement. Some of your closest friends live out the very things you fear most, and are generally unusual, extraordinary and wise people. West of line is better.

Under Any Neptune Line (NE)
If you seem too practical and unimaginative, and wish to contact outer spaces, then go to where Neptune lines are — but beware, for this is one of the most dangerous and deceptive places for all but the most self possessed and aware. Here the occult is studied, the guru is seemingly found, and ideals are pursued, but in any Neptune zone, self deception and illusions are apt to cloud true vision. Romantic ideals lead to you unrealistic expectations, and others take advantage of you, so that victimization, arrest, invalidism, fanaticism, and emotional or nervous crises — even psychoses — can occur here. You are psychic and vulnerable, and nonviolent ideals, communitarian interests,
and dreams that never quite come true become substitutes for more practical and realistic living, though in a few cases, success in the arts, poetry, music or nonviolent, revolutionary ideals can occur. There is danger of habituation to drugs as well as to unrealistic ideas, life tends to become vicarious, Romantic, fictitious, and self is lost in vivid, imaginative "might-have-beens". Paranoid and neurotic fears tend to attract the very things they fear most, and, under Neptune, you travel in criminal circles, and are subject to surveillance. Yet for those few who can manage to survive without a firm sense of ego or identity, Neptunian areas are those in which heights of spiritual awareness can be reached, as here, you wander in the bardos, and the division between self and non-self dissolves.
This is the yearning to return to the womb, and life is the expression of some hopeless mother complex. All the joys and sorrows of projection and introjection, and a psychic hunger to merge with the Whole are experienced. The pain of being is here most intense, and the ego is abandoned in order to find a greater truth, though always, this truth can turn out to be an illusion.

[NE.MC] Neptune On The Midheaven (NE MH):
In rare cases, fulfilment can come as a monk, religious figure, in films, service professions, art or music, but most people deceive themselves here, and fall into life long delusions, ending up everybody's scapegoat. Scandal, arrest or martyrdom occur sometimes, and most people are subject at least to the pursuit of unreal objectives, and are singled out by authorities for thoroughly unpleasant responsibilities. Hollywood, where thousands sell out, and one in ten-thousand "makes it", typifies the Neptunian hope for impossibility, so that most find they waste their lives for nothing. Yet under this line, you come to stand for certain ideals, especially nonviolent ones, and your identity in society is through your lack of personal ambition and ego. The other cheek may get sore, but you set an example for others. Society does not see you for what you really are, and some will be able to put one over on the world under this line, but with Neptune, the joke is usually on you. West of line by far better.

[NE.AS] Neptune On The Ascendant (NE ASC):
Here, you are invisible, and don't seem to be what you are. People are able to project their fondest and most unrealistic wishes onto you, and you seem fascinating and beautiful, but actually just hold a mirror up to everyone's incompleteness. Self image is confused with other people, health may be poor, and you go through life without any real idea of who you are. You are apt to retreat from the world, isolating yourself, and a deep doubt of self makes relationship almost neurotically necessary. If you do "make it", you become a media image invisible beneath the makeup. There can be a wild love of luxury, a la Hollywood, and success comes by letting universal music, patterns and ideas use you as their instrument or medium. Even masochism can occur, and you are tremendously subject to environmental influence, psychic, hypersensitive and imaginative, and East of this line is probably somewhat preferable to West.

[NE.IC] Neptune On The IC (NE IC):
Here, Neptune may be at its best, as it makes it impossible for you to identify with parents or family, or to center yourself, except in the highest and most non-egoic ideals of non-attachment. Real estate and home matters usually don't go too well, and you become dependent on others for sustenance, but this frees you to reach high levels of spiritual awareness, prompted by the visions and intense, transfiguring inner experiences that occur under this line. Community living may be best, perhaps even in a monastery, and you tend to live in the here and now, future and past seeming remote and abstract, so that the past can be left behind here. Whatever is built here has foundations of sand, except inner spiritual wisdom, and it too is subject to self deception and illusions. Isolation and non-attachment make feeling rooted here impossible, except where you depend on others. East of the line is best for inner illumination.

[NE.DS] Neptune On The Descendant (NE DSC):
Here, relationships, marriage and legal situations are apt to be problems, as you are taken advantage of in any dealings with others. Relationship is desired deeply, yet stan-
dards are impossibly high and realities like sex and mortgages are ignored. Ideals are projected onto others, as you refuse to see them as they really are, and you are drawn to people who, like yourself, fear the truth and prefer to support your fallacies. Alcoholism, drug addiction or illness may strike you or your mate, and you attract parasites. The only way to relate here is through total non-attachment to people, and with desires for universal, not personal, attachment. You really need friends to keep you from your relationships' negative aspects, and sharing ideas is best defense against self deception. East of the line is best.

Under Any Pluto Line (PL):
Plutonic force is perhaps the heaviest of all, and residence, or even travel through this zone can cause total upheaval and change in life. If you are tired of three dimensional reality, the laws of physics and possibility, go to where Pluto is angular, for here is where miracles can happen, where the odds are continually defied, where firsts and lasts in life are encountered. Pluto burns the fields for new planting, and life takes on a miraculous turn. Other people are seen as truly equal to self, and thus it is rather hard to stand them. Universal truth is seen, and this may expose you to risks of death, that change your perspectives on life, and leave you seeing it with greater depth and clarity. People who come through uncommunicable experiences, conversions and trauma, or even come near to death, may do so under a Pluto influence, and they will never again be able to live in the illusions in which most people exist, so they make most of us rather uncomfortable.
Here you see yourself as one in 4 billion, and see your consciousness located within you, and potentially in all the others also. You become truly conscious of the unique and Iqnely position of the individual and become the focus of the whole, seeing your position in infinity and fate. This causes you to withdraw from society, alienates you from family and other unquestioned alliances, and you are eternally at war with anything that tries to confine you. Under Pluto, you feel lonely and deserted, and just as hope seems lost, the miracle happens, and you are saved. It is rebirth through fire.
Sentiment, hope, illusions and even identity are purged, and you face the reality of Mortality, a reality that totally changes life direction and perception.

[PL.MC] Pluto On The Midheaven (PL MH):
Here, a basic alienation from society causes a great power hunger, and it is grasped for at any price, with danger of tyranny existing. You resent authority, yet crave it for yourself, and seek to become number one at any price, so there is alternate hero-worship and desire for power. Pluto is always extreme and can lead either to despotism or extreme antisociality. In this location, you could become famous, murdered, notorious, a fugitive or great leader; you will be talked about, seen as unique, almost a social mutation, and total change can occur in status and position. Your image, perhaps in the press, comes to stand for some popular ideal, or its antithesis, and the ultimate battle of life is fought in a social context, with mortally high stakes. You learn the meaning of the phrase "power corrupts", through its abuse on you, or your abuse of it. West of line less dangerous than East.

[PL.AS] Pluto On The Ascendant (PL ASC):
A tendency to hide self and personal secrets, and to live a life apart from others dominates this zone, along with a tendency to relate to everyone on a sexual or competitive plane. You feel passionately about what moves you, but keep this to yourself. People remember you as you make them uncomfortable, and remind them somehow of things they would rather forget, so you spend a lot of time alone, this exacerbating sexual needs. You identify with personal transformation, and are constantly trying to better yourself. Others think of you as a leader, or a menace almost instinctively, as there is a hidden power within you, that often acts to change others' lives by mere contact with you. Under this line, great personal changes may occur, but these could be more than the organism could bear. West is less intense than East.

[PL.IC] Pluto On The IC (PL IC):
Here, the ultimate battle of selfhood and identification is fought with the family, the past, traditions and roots of self, and a final, self-induced birth of a new identity is accomplished. Any home, property, money or real estate concerns are subject to constant upheaval, and the past can be left behind, though a new life is hard to build. Elderly persons are in danger here, and death may make itself present in your life, though through its force, you can come to a new sense of personal meaning and mortality. There is a curious loyalty to family, yet inability to feel close to them, and here you may inherit diseases or be subject to family karma in some sudden and perilous manner. The lack of attachment you feel here forces you to exceed your roots, and you push yourself to the utmost in search of a new self.

[PL.DS] Pluto On The Descendant (PL DSC):
There is great danger under this line, and the battle of selfhood is with a hostile world that seems intent on extinguishing you. The world withdraws from you, and leaves you to do battle with the very things or people that are closest to you. If you win this battle, you are free from dependency for the rest of your life. There is alienation and destruction in relationships, yet these are key to a new life, and often constitute a difficult turning point. There is some possibility that you can change world opinion, lay your life on the line for heroic objectives, but there is, all in all, too much danger here for prolonged residence. You are drawn to people with whom relationship is intensely sexual and/or combative, and there is a desperation born of fear of always being alone. East may be a little better than West of this line.

III. Interpretations for Planetary Crossings
Following are interpretations for paired planetary influences, signified on your map by the crossing of two colored lines. In addition to the paragraphs below, you should read the paragraphs that apply to the individual planets in the preceding section, in the particular positions (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.) in which they appear. To reside somewhere where two or more planets are angular is double assurance of a singular and intense life experience, though of course, there are combinations to be avoided as well as those to be sought.
To a lesser extent, these interpretations of crossings apply anywhere along the same line of latitude on which they occur, as explained in the Introduction, though or course, the actual point of crossing is the strongest place for these effects to manifest.
The meaning of the crossing will manifest anywhere near the actual intersection of the two lines, near being within a l/i inch circle having the intersection as its center.
Where Sun and Moon lines cross on your map, you reach a crossroads in life in relation to your sexual and social identity, and parenthood is likely. You rebel from authority, and exhibit a shallow egotism that is often overcompensation for feelings of inferiority. A strong reliance on others, either to fulfill self or to justify egotism, a growth of self importance, and self consciousness in relation to the opposite sex manifest. Sexual and personal polarities are intensified, and it is hard to relate to the opposite sex except through sexual or marital roles. You are able to attract the people and situations that you want, though feel somewhat out of control, as you need others' approval. Individuality is apt to be suppressed, and you feel that you need to think of self as superior, so that you become aware of the social role that is preordained for you, and often choose to rebel against it.
Here, your work is apt to be praised, vocation, writing and conversation receive attention and your aptitudes, talents and skills are developed and admired. Practical, logical and adult-type thought predominates, as in science or math, and recognition comes from innovations in the work sphere. Art and bookish pursuits appeal, and intelligence may seem higher than others' here. Will and ego are involved with thought, so you tend to rely on a repertory — you think and act according to a script or habit, rather than with true creativity, but are able to say what you think, to act out your ideas, and to verbalize creative notions. Predjudices get the upper hand, with loss of flexibility and impartiality, but everyone sees you as bright, a rising and youthful contributor to -society.
Under this combination of planets, you are very attractive to others, project love, light and beauty, find yourself more sensitive to art and fashion, and probably succeed in some artistic vocation. This combination is in love with love, craves friendship with high society types, and is cheerful, considerate, fashionably vain and mannerly, having an elegant, noble air. At this location, you may win prizes or awards, have your work praised, ana may become an arbiter of taste. People like to give you things, invite you out, and you become quite the social butterfly. New friends are met here, but there is something slightly risque about Sun*Venus, which has a little of the air of the admired chorus-girl, a sex object desired for beauty rather than for his/her entire personality. Prince Charming and Cinderella stories unfold here, and conspicuous consumption is pursued with style.
Excesses of energy and sexuality can burn you out here, and you are hyperactive, able to get a tremendous amount of work done. Masculine ideas are admired and projected, and you become daring, courageous, arrogant, boisterous and ardent. There is pride taken in your battle scars, and others look upon you with awe and some fear, as you can be ruthless, harsh, or even cruel. You attract attacks from others, and fighting and war enter you life here, along with a spartan love of adventure, physical work, sex and domination. Wild oats are sown here, and anger becomes a prominent passion. There is exclusion of the feminine from the life, which becomes vigorous, vital and decisive, but all these excesses lead to accident proneness, and the constant stress and tension can wear out heart or other vital organs. Manners become more coarse and manly here, and much energy goes into masculine pursuits and ideals. Sexual passion is intense, but rather without love and affection, and rigidly governed by sex roles and stereotypes.
In this area, you seek, prize and probably attain a bourgeois success and prosperity. You become more rightist politically, and this combination is imperial, exalting and emulating the authority of the powers that be. A benevolent disposition develops, along with faith and optimism, while sexual and creative appetites are low, replaced by drives for honors and a humorous, complaisant comfort. Imprudent, foolish faith and excesses of enjoyments and speculations can manifest here, though it is an unusually lucky place, where the native seeks and acquires status, and is offered outstanding opportunities. The salesperson, promoter or businessperson finds success in commercial fields, due to identification with and attraction to "quality" people, and careers in law, publishing, politics, religion, and success through social connections seem all likely under this fortunate planetary pair.
You project seriousness, are drawn to serious ideas and studies, and see life basically as a long and tedious job, though one that merits careful execution. It is hard to create a favorable impression here, and you may be passed over continually, and forfeit others' respect and admiration. Personal recognition is purchased at a heavy price, and spontaneous, affectionate and creative qualities recede. Goals are realized only if they serve humanity. Guilt and prudery flower here, and a sceptical, abstemious life lowers expectations and arms you inwardly to endure hardship, which sure enough, comes. Material concerns take up all your time, and yet the hard work yields minimal returns, though life energy is conserved, so longevity is assured here. You live a well ordered, moral life, seem less attractive, and excel in patience and Victorian virtues. Here, the chickens of ambition come home to roost, and you get from life exactly what you have earned.
A wonderfully exciting place, where change, creativity and individuality cause life to take on a colorful and exciting hue, full of the unexpected, unlocked for successes and a roller-coaster variability. Everyone soon knows who you are, and you seem eccentric, charismatic, arrogant, independant, and the possessor of a divine discontent that spurs you on to constantly express your ideals and experiment with the impossible. Here you can "find yourself," and express or live what you believe in, but constancy or perseverance are lacking here, and events demand recognition of selfhood as a process, not as a definable entity. You take yourself too seriously, seem gifted, autocratic and interesting, though you reject attachments, and are nervous, impulsive and restless. Timing is excellent, and you seem to lead a miraculous existence. Success conies, just because you don't care about it, and a hippy lifestyle leads to singular achievements, which are tossed aside after brief enjoyment. The establishment knows there is something dangerous about you, but it changes too fast for them to pin it down.
You may seem a little mad, tend to be ignored, but go right ahead living out spacey ideals under this potent combination. Some artists, musicians, poets and romantics may find this astrological climate intensely inspirational, while others will deceive and delude themselves, and allow overly potent imagination to lead them into cultism, unrealistic spirituality, initiative-defeating communal situations, drugs, and lifestyles that sap creativity and health. A taste for the low life attracts unsuitable friends, and you fictionalize yourself in the center of an unreal universe that borders on highest spirituality, and scandal and disgrace. This can be a tremendously enlightened place, in which the guru is found, and life-altering visions and inspirational experiences elevate you to extraordinary awarenesses. Ego is bound to be weak here, and thus interpersonal relations tend to victimization and mutual dependency. Strong self control is needed to tame this influence, but then, genius results.
Here is where the lonely genius creates wonders, inner or outer in nature, that may ij-jOt be appreciated for years. Outwardly, this creativity tends to be cathartic and destructive, or at least industrial in nature, and there is a thirst for extreme individualism that manifests often in petty criminality, defiance of authority, passions, envy, and an overwhelming need for recognition and sexuality that hints at alienation and desperation. Inwardly, there may be a total conversion of self, a new beginning, and transcendence of needs for human companionship, so under Sun*Pluto you are independent, aloof, rebellious and indomitable. There can be a cruel fatefulness in life, that takes away whatever you have created or gained, until self itself is recognized as the only permanence. The usual vanity that enables one to ignore mortality is shorn here, so you seem intent, serious, and your life is one of struggles alone with absolutes. A creative self is born under this combination, but the old self must die first.
This is where mental abilities, ideas, coordination, commonsense and speech are at center stage, and there is precocity, restlessness, impatience, nervous mentality and a quick grasp of opportunity and ideas that usually direct you into public attention. Others think you bright, and your awareness and lively, shrewd intelligence guarantee a living by your wits, especially in areas of trade, commerce or real estate trading. You are popular for your colorful, lightning-fast repartee, total perceptions, and inclinations to gossip and perhaps trivia. Morals may be a little loose under these planets, especially where money is concerned, and talking too much gets yourself and others into trouble. The mind absorbs everything with which it comes into contact, like a sponge, but there is lack of direction and concentration. Mental functions of synthesis and retrieval work well, and linguistic and verbal skills improve. Life is full of trivial changes and motion, new people, fluctuations and turbulence in work and career areas, and business, journalism, and mental work succeed here.
Social life, parties, fashion, pretty and valuable things and people besiege you. Men can find a glamourous wife here, and there is a craving for love, attraction to beautiful people and delight in elegant things. Consumerism, venality and a potent craving for ordinary things and successes can challenge idealism, and you experience a deep need to prove yourself by rising into the "right" social circles. If you demand sentimental, romantic relationships, they become tedious here, and appetites' intensity can subvert greater ambitions. Still, this is a glamourous and exciting place, and friends live a life of ease that can be shared or gained for self. Weight gain and self indulgence are dangers here, and motherhood is also possible. You will tend to relax and do nothing unless there is pressure, and men here become voluptuary, sensualistic and epicurean, like rock and roll stars, though anyone develops taste, polish and elegance. You can find a beautiful, fashionable and perhaps rural place to live here.
This is a less desirable place, especially for women, who may be attacked, actually, or in reputation, and who tend to suffer ill health. Stomach and digestive problems are the first to manifest, as a result of constant stress and tension, and powers of resistance to infection are lowered. The feminine ideal does not fare well here, so that men tend to attract women who make trouble, and women in this location attract those who denigrate femininity. Anyone tends to be irascible, temperamental, outspoken, bold and daring, and seems to carry the proverbial chip on the shoulder, encountering many willing to knock it off. A fighting spirit and fondness for action and quarrelling manifests in too-quick action and sensitive pride, and there is conflict between need for protection and masculine ideas of independence. Family concerns and the home are scene of most problems, and dangers of fire, attack and injury prevail in this active, perilous place.
One of the best places; this is where you are loved and admired, and aspire to surround yourself with the best in the social and material pleasures of life, yet in moderation. You are honored by those in authority, advanced and emulated. Money and honor accrue with least effort, and the family prospers in congenial surroundings of bourgeois comfort. Humor and laughter attract others to you, who do you favors and advance your causes. Enjoyment of the best in food and drink points to the one danger of this area — too much of a good thing. Good nature, bemusement at life's curiosities, superstition, religious devotion, cultivation, philanthropy and multiplication of dependents, including pets or livestock, all point to an unusually happy life, though as is always the case where good fortune abounds, there is some danger of slackening ambitions and demands on self. There is a feeling of security and well-being, good luck, and health and prosperity.
One of the less enjoyable places — restrictions of feelings and refusal to recognize needs for others leads to a fairly dreary experience of frustration, depression, loss, low station in life, health and security worries, and a troublesome family life, full of responsibility. This place is good for isolated self study and preparation, though you tend to take pains with details, and ignore larger concerns. Blows to the pride evolve a personal dignity and long-suffering stoicism, but horizons shrink under this barrage, and you find yourself comfortable only in a restricted area of life, one usually quite boring to you. The feminine is suppressed, emotional maturity is inhibited, and you come up with all sorts of internalized oppression — inner voices that say "No" to everything you want to do. There is a spartan distaste for abstractions, and since it is hard to recognize the needs that are not being fulfilled, fulfilment itself is doubted and replaced with a cold cynicism and self dislike, There is a self consciousness that extends to family roots, and you may feel the victim of some sort of family curse, so that your suffering seems justified.
Strange and uncontrollable things happen under this potent combination. Life will be anything but boring, and residence here will be full of the unexpected, the exciting and emotional extremes. Home and family relationships are in for basic changes, and long established cravings, habits and life structures evaporate in this locality. You develop a tremendous attraction and desire for the unconventional, especially in other people, and it eventually becomes part of your lifestyle, which gets unpredictable, unstructured and bereft of routine. You live like a gypsy, and authorities don't like your unconvention-ality, so you wind up upholding your individuality against public pressure to conform, There is some aimlessness in life, involvement in trivia for the sake of principles, and un-settledness that may wear thin quickly. Enthusiasm is up, then down, your home is unique, and an expression of your "true self," but your whole life and self seem to change every two weeks or so.
This place is best left alone for most, as you become super-sensitive, absorb everything, are overcome by feelings and imaginary problems, experience intense thirst for sensation that could lead even to addiction, and generally crave and attract a parasitical, dependent existence. Money and practical matters are neglected, you become caught in your own intrigues, and confinement, voluntary or otherwise, may happen here. Yet for those willing to give up the material life, this place holds promise of deepened imagination, true visionary experiences, a life of service or monastic retreat, and increase of sensitivity, idealism and the mystical or psychic capacities. Dreams, nightmares and myths become everyday realities, and others are attracted who take advantage of you, or you find their ideals worth pursuing, so you may find the guru or yogin here. To survive in this weird and hysterical climate, you must accept the presence of the coEective unconscious in yourself, assimilate your past and hidden self, and forswear the pleasures of the ego. The very instinct of self preservation may be overcome by masochism and a desire to return to the womb, and yet there is deep grasp of universal rhythm and truth.
Here you expect and attract rejection, as you seem to be in perpetual revolt from society and/or the law. This is where the butterfly must be urged from the coccoon, and where growth, while painful, is enforced by a feeling that life and consciousness are receding, like the view of the horizon out of the back of a speeding car. What you say and do proves unpopular here, and the intensity of your need tends to alienate you from others, who feel unable to deal with your aching wants. You are antisocial, and yet resist change, preserving your isolation as proof that you are right. Material matters are subject to constant rearrangement, and there is shyness and sensitivity in public. Needs for human comfort and intimacy seem impossible to fill, and depression is thus frequent, as there is not enough positive self affirmation from others. Yet miracles occur in this zone, and resignation is often the prelude to a miraculous rescue by higher forces.
Education, schooling and childhood are happy here, and an automatic ease and delicacy of verbal expression evolve that guarantee creative and career successes. You become socially graceful, popular and charming under this influence, assume the role of peacemaker, and are thus beloved by all. Intellectual and affectionate companionship go together, and there is excellent communication with those of whom you are fond. Health improves here, nerves calm, and profit accrues through business, art or commerce. Neurotics, and the depressed, ill or ah'entated may find restoration here. Work, probably with some creative aspects, can be found that is actually liked, especially in crafts, practical arts, and the creation of useful, yet elegant and beautiful articles. Public relations and advertising succeed here, as do any concerns with writing or public matters; here is where you may write the Great American Novel, and it is here that you are able to define and recreate the beauty within, projecting it out into some tangible accomplishments.
This is a good area to seek and enjoy manual, farm, laboring or other active or strenuous work. Here, verbal and mental abilities are given muscle, so goals are accomplished, though there is rudeness, coarseness, some maliciousness and tendency to sarcasm and cutting wit. Nervousness may be extreme, and you may be subject to infections or to injuries caused by rash actions and recklessness, especially in driving. The pen is mightier than the sword, so this is a good climate for a journalist, though you adopt something of an adolescent air, awkward, painfully sensitive and yet effective. Cunning, skill and dexterity are developed as personal weapons, and your ideas tend to compete for you. Examinations and competition are apt to be rigorous here, engineering abilities manifest, but you tend to split hairs, and you criticize, and are criticized for beliefs and ideals. Sexual exploitation, overwork or even criminality can manifest here, and this area is best avoided by those not already calm and self possessed. There is daring and recklessness, but danger also.
Big ideas are put into operation here, and business prospers. There is intellectual and academic advance, and favored businesses are mail order, publishing, travel, literature, commerce, writing, advertising or allied fields. Intelligence and an air of unimpeachable authority assure community acceptance here, and a clever irreverence and clear, dependable judgement insure increase of influence arid acquisition of "culture." Abilities to heal are recognized, and personal and intellectual powers are identified, so that study and teaching are successful. Good fortune comes through publication of ideas, and life tends to be commercial, academic or bookish. You may act the absent-minded professor, and achieve a low-key fame through writing and a reasoned humanism and liberalism. A simple lifestyle sacrifices pleasures for knowledge. Languages become easily learned, and this is a good place for the person whose life has been dominated by sense and physicality, or for those to whom education and culture seem inaccessible. Business succeeds spectacularly, and work, usually congenial, is found that deals with ideas.
Here, organization and practicality dominate, but work is hard, surroundings uncongenial, and there is suspicion and doubt. You work with little originality, and it is hard to get ideas into action. Good for detailed craft work , or for accounting or science, this area is where you can work on yourself and comprehend "karma" or the past. This is where notes are copious, records researched, and yet where little creative gets done due to others' lack of imagination. You seem to be behind the times, and succeed through rather venal types of commerce and small-time wheelings and dealings. Mind, speech and writing seem sluggish and antiquated, and it is impossible to admit mistakes, which are made over and over. If you need rigid routine, this is a good place, but its general myopia and Puritan abstemiousness make it too dreary and anxious for most. Mystically, it represents the identification of soul and karma, and the alchemical transformation wrought by self knowledge and tedious work on your own personality. You may undertake study of long and difficult curricula, only to find the product of such study to be useless. Health and mood are depressed here.
This crossing of lines indicates the individualization of self through work, and abilities to express yourself through cleverness, handiness and intelligence in crafts or work concerns. Occupation is the scene of growth here, and the mind, original and non-conforming, seeks ways of expressing itself creatively, while maintaining independence, so some form of self employment is needed. Health, work situations, ideas, residence and opinions are apt to frequently change. There is continual excitement, and the development of a defiant and iconoclastic mentality, that delights in exploding others' myths and illusions. The mind becomes inspirational and innovative, and sees through the sham of authorities, so that astrology, metaphysics or advanced science are explored, to the end of defining self as different from others. Here you are comfortable with paradox and contradictions, and may succeed as innovator or inventor. Eccentricity takes over and others see you as something of a kook, thus finding your ideas as amusing as serious, but you are immune to such criticism, and actually think many years ahead of your time.
Here you open yourself to intrusion of idealism, new ideas, imagination, and you mentally "go native". This is where you infiltrate the public mind with your ideas, and where imagination is vivid and offbeat. There is danger of health crises, neuroses or worse, and logical processes are unclear, untidy, cloudy and highly suggestible, Negative thinking and a spacey attitude invite the use of drugs and victimization by others, so career plans exist for the most part in an unrealistic, rosy glow. Some success in fantasy, creative writing, service professions, art, especially graphics or films and photographic arts may atterid those who can keep their feet on the ground, but most people in this zone become scapegoats of some sort. Daily life gets all involved with the Cosmic, and it's predictably hard to pay the rent when you're having apocalyptic visions, so society often intervenes negatively. You become scatter-brained and gossipy, and find everyday environments full of mystery and intrigue. People, and the environment as a whole, tend to take advantage of you. This area is good for self analysis, for identifying the past, and Freudian type introspection.
Here, a paranoid fixation on communication may make it hard to believe in, or get any meaningful information, and language or speechdifficulties tend to cut you off from others. The mind is attracted to forbiddingly technical or bizarre areas of thought, and your research requires a new symbol-code, perhaps using computers, as data inside and outside yourself are linked in new ways. Unnecessary detail is a pitfall here, and the mind may spend years on work that is trivial, or which has already been done. You may quit your job and seek self employment in order to be able to pursue your ideas. There is potential to research your own past, seek the ideas and events that shaped your personality, and be rid of them. Esoterically, this area holds the key to the Akashic Records, and you are plugged into universal knowledge that gives you unusual foresight and power. Situations arise that demand commitment, and your positions are usually unpopular, as you cannot compromise with critics or adversaries, and carry minor differences to total confrontation. A new social involvement may be conceived of here or begun.
Areas where the lines of the male and female planets cross are, not surprisingly, those in which sexuality may be most enjoyed and experienced. Indiscretion and impatience dominate here, there is reliance upon trial and error, and endless variety is sought sexually, and in other life concerns. High spirits invite constant pursuit of sybaritic pleasure, and a Rabelaisian, polymorphous appetite may not confine itself to customary expressions. Here is where the love object is possessed, and where appreciation and sensitivity are used as motivation to climb out of confining or immature relationships. This, spiritually, is the binding of the spirit to the flesh, or, the putting of ideas to work, and symbolizes the act of self perfection, or abandonment, so that life lives you. At best, love for others can be seen as part of the self, and the raising of the opposite-sex nature and the relatedness of Eros is experienced and assimilated into self. Sex is perceived as self renewal, and loss of self into others avoided.
Here art and beauty become matters for abstract study, and "ahrt" is glorified, along with a social group that is fashionably appreciative and stylish. Friends tend to graceful, socially admirable, and this location is marked by good fortune, success, beauty and laughter in almost too-great measure. Self-indulgence can be the fly in the ointment here, and laxity, intemperance and lack of motivation may result from too much jaded ease in living. Men tend to become almost too feminized under this influence, and women seem genteel, become popular and receive many gifts and invitations. Life seems without substance or challenge, and, as a result, much is made of pedestrian feelings, soap opera emotionalism and a prima donna complex is nurtured. Conspicuous consumption may be a vice, as there are lavish parties and Society weddings, so that pleasure is deified, and it's all rather like a 1948 musical. Friends are met who are wealthy, there can be advantageous marriage, and yet a laziness and hedonism threatens personal idealism.
Here you seem ugly and needful, and your friends disappoint you, as love and social concerns seem not to measure up to expectations. There are conforming desires for material success and prosperity, so that ambitions remain rather ordinary, yet there is secret attraction to what others find repulsive, and this can include "low life," or a taste for humiliation and peculiar sexual pleasures. Men have little understanding of women, so emotional maturity seems arrested, and one is often attracted to a "sugar Daddy" (or Mama) in these areas, so that companionship is disappointing. Jealousy often leads t6 self deprecation, and sexuality may become quite bizarre, with sado-masochistic or fetish-istic experiences. Prudence and self control are developed, and this area can be good for detailed and careful crafts work, or for relationships between'elderly people. But for most, it is a negative area, where self esteem, household and relational matters are all chilled and habitually boring.
As drab as Venus*Saturn is, Venus*Uranus is colorful. Here, everything scintillates with contrast and excitement, but it is social life that is most interesting, as new, unconventional, hippy friends come and go like some sort of stage play. Your nonconformity is expressed in diet, dress, mannerisms, habits and choice of companions, so that others are attracted, or violently opposed to you. Erotic needs are strong and-polymorphous here, and often seek unconventional expressions — through them you are able to see yourself in the mirror of others' desires. Whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime, storybook romances sweep you off your feet at least monthly, and the inconstancy is often because you overlook the attachment and commitment end of affection. You project your ideals upon your beloved, and may rebel when he/she demands recognition of his/her personality. But this is where style, and a Bohemian, avant-guard, anti-Puritanican lifestyle involves you with exciting friends, and where social reform is postulated on esthetic standards. Utopianism flourishes here, and there could be erotic or idealistic group involvement and communitarian experiments.
These planets bring out Romanticism, and the yearning for the impossible dream, but in reality, this area is marked by betrayals from lax and unreliable friends, pursuits of disinterested lovers, attraction to weak people, and generally, cockroaches under the glamour and glitter to which you are attracted. Drugs and secrets fascinate, and the more mysterious the person, the more interesting, with obvious results. Life seems glamorous, and feelings are intense and wistfully sentimental. Love affairs tend to be a trifle sordid, and scandal attends the affections, as conflicting loyalties are inescapable, and social life confused with intrigues. This is where the subjective obliterates the objective, and here all the poignant yearning for beauty and love can take artistic, poetic or musical form. Your own suffering charts the depth of the love you can unselfishly give, and sensitivities to form, color and beauty are intense here. Sympathy, a visionary dreaminess, fondness for escapism and Romantic art, and unselfishness all dominate the astrological climate, where the greatest challenge is to resist temptation, something almost impossible here.
In this locale, sensory delights are somehow involved with the public or with extremity, and you could become a successful artist, or courtesian. Sex needs are intense and eroticism seeks to feel more, perhaps attracting you to extreme or exotic forms of satisfaction. You are insatiable, and this leads to passionate relationships, tempestuous social life and leaves time for little else. In normal relationships, there is a desire to merge entirely with the loved one, and love and destruction may be intertwined themes. In this area, you could experience your first sexuality, and the ideal mate is sought with tragic intensity, as moderation in anything is difficult here.Periodic convulsions restore harmony in relationships and social life, and while the ultimate is desired, it is also feared. You may transform yourself into a sex object, then reject those who are interested in you for your physical self. Pregnancy is dangerous in this area; a desire for "sooner, quicker, faster, more" marries you to passion as you learn the true facts of life and shatter most of your illusions. Appetites are jaded with time.
The symbol for this combination might be the Roman soldier. It is imperialistic, masculine, militant and vigorous, with a respect for authority and uniformity, as well as delight in athletics, sport, competition and power. There is raw courage, ability to "take arms against a sea of troubles," though many of these troubles may be self-created. Physical culture and sports succeed here, this being the ideal place for an athlete. Daring and courage are expressed in outdoors work or a military image, and you imprudently grasp for power, lack moderation in sensory pursuits, and experience strong sex needs, adventuresomeness, and an attitude that might makes right, masked under religious or theoretical hypocrisy. You come to resemble the Hemingwayesque he-man, seem to have money to burn, though no savings, and go through your own and others' resources hungrily, though there is obvious, virile ability to earn or restore them, and extravagance, coarseness, expediency and opportunism manifest. For some, this is where religious convictions demand forceful conversion of the infidels.
One of the least desirable places, as here, there is suppression of the masculine that leaves you open for victimization, violence, cruelty and sadism. Here is where physical concerns are dominant, and where a pecking order forms, with others taking frustrations out on you, who must find people lower than yourself on whom to vent your rage. Crowds, overexertion and high places pose physical threats, and injury is likely. Women become insistently dominant, and men coarse and cruel. You pursue one direction ruthlessly, but it hardly seems worth it. It is possible to overcome almost insurmoutable obstacles by tenacity and brute force, and this area could be good for those engaged in the roughest sort of livelihoods-miners, laborers, steelworkers, pioneers. Conditions are harder here than anywhere else, and usually wear you out in time; "basic training" goes on forever. Whatever is feminine, artistic, gentle and sympathetic is notably absent in this locale, and sexuality is pursued without feeling.
Here you demand to be freed from any sort of confinement or coercion, and seek adventure and unique self expression. You act the part of the daredevil, and something of a loner, and cannot be made to do anything that does not serve your individualistic and opportunistic ends. Your rights are defended to the end, and you demand your share from a position of aloof independence. There is considerable danger of injury here, as your actions are precipitate and unconsidered, and accidents in use of guns, machinery or in driving are common. Engineers, scientists and those working for industry may enjoy this adventuresome climate, and inventiveness is accented. You come to live for day to day thrills, these often being sexual, and men particularly may find their tastes in sensory pleasures widening. Few people are adventuresome or hardy entmgh to enjoy this place for a sustained period, as separation from mates and general uproar in life seem inescapable, but for those who need constant adrenalin to add savor to life, and who enjoy testing skills in combative situations, this is an exciting and challenging locality.
All things considered, this may be the most undesirable place to be, as here, the aggression of Mars is mixed with the uncertainty of Neptune. There may be illness, including venereal disease, unprovoked attacks from strangers, addiction to drugs, and sexuality seems to take all sorts of unpleasant and weird forms. Paranoia and neurosis may found themselves on an essentially, but subtly, hostile environment. Fears have a nasty way of coming true here, and victimization by society or its lower elements may occur. This is in part because of aspirations all out of proportion with reality, and cowardice that attracts parasites. In unusual cases, there may be nonviolent victory, implementation of ideals, or even success through dancing, but for most of us, it is like fighting a battle underwater — it is impossible to make any sort of connection, or to even see what it is you are fighting against. Sex murders, executions and other sordid realities seem to constantly intrude under this combination, and there is appetite for sensationalism and the bizarre . If either of the planets occupies the Descendant, you may be the object of attack, humiliation or ridicule.
Here much of the sexual nature is suppressed, with a resultant glorification of the masculine, "macho" ideal, so you get involved in military, industrial, athletic or highly competitive lifestyles. Violence is thought to be the answer to everything, and you seem coarse, uncouth, cruel, indomitable, and have best luck if involved in primitive conditions, war, heavy industry, pioneering, martial arts or other demanding situations where rough and ready competitiveness is an advantage. You cut loose from the past and start all over again, and you have to see yourself as "man among men," so are compulsive about your masculine image in some way (even if you're a woman). Crimes may be perpetrated, not so much for gain, but to prove yourself, and passion here can be explosive and dangerous. Shocks and dramatic alterations of life direction, often allied with sexuality, can also be expected here, a rather antisocial location, and one in which power is a major personal concern.
Moderation is the keyword here, and status and success are major concerns. Surroundings tend to be bourgeois, ambitions rather middleclass, and life takes on a practical, honest, hardworking, purposeful and balanced nature. You are forced to work for what you get, and yet make headway over time, as savings accrue in steady and predictable fashion. You tend to underestimate possibility for change, as life does get into a rut here, but any unexpected change is rare. You experience hard work for low pay, perhaps in civil service, but you get to the top, and the gold watch opens to a retirement of justified enjoyment of the fruits of hard work. Time is on your side here, as you respond to opportunities with diligence and foresight, and while you don't get away with anything, neither are you apt to lose what you gain. Stability, careful organization, orthodoxy, sobriety and narrow minded materialism manifest here, and life is for the most part concerned with your office,but the more you reach toward this bourgeois success, the more you fear that you might have missed something.
Intellectually, and perhaps in other ways, this is the most exciting place for you to be, your extraordinary good luck zone. This is where wishing makes it so, and you are blessed by unusual good fortune. You become independent, learn to think for yourself, and pursue various off-beat types of knowledge, learning the individual relationship of yourself to the universe. You are rescued from difficult circumstances, handle more money than is your custom, and learn to think on a broad scale, seeing each part in its relation to the whole. Daring ideas work, genius manifests, and you seem a scoffer among the godly, inventing your own idea of universal purpose. Reform can be successfully undertaken here, and you pattern yourself after your ideals, aided by the unusual good luck that manifests from time to time. Mind becomes very active, and attitudes are liberal, though it is hard to unite socially with others, as you see every person ruler of his/ her life, and individualism as the highest good.
Here is where ideals and social realities mix best, and you may find yourself a guru, or in the role of social reformer or religious figure. Monastic or communal life, mysticism, philosophy, religion, intuition, psychism and humanism may dominate here, and lack of attachment to material concerns permits great concentration in spiritual areas. You tend to become nonviolent, generous, kind, and attract pets and humble people, though you can be easily deceived, and your ideals are somewhat unrealistic, so money matters nave to take care of themselves. This is where meditation, prayer and contemplation are rewarded, where life's cruel facts can be ignored, though there is some danger of becoming a "gourmet of consciousness," getting involved in too many extreme movements and passing fads. You are able to hold high position only if it is in service to some ideal, and ego is overcome in favor of absolutes. Bread cast upon the waters returns in this locale, and you deal with sociological, historical or economic conditions that are universal in scope. Morality and concern with what the neightbors think loosen in the face of what seems a higher truth.
Publishing, advertising, money business and inheritance are the areas of life that go well under these planets, and to some few people, actual miracles may happen at these places. Circumstances are frequently upset violently, but through such change, you usually advance your position. You can become famous overnight, find, win or inherit wealth, and seem to be protected by guardian angels in times of trial. Still, you become a rule unto yourself, create your own code of ethics, and find yourself a lonely individualist, outside the pale of conventional society. You would be a charismatic teacher, priest or politician, and have the power to stir up feelings for ideas in others, tapping mythologies and deep human passions, and it is here that miraculous conversions may occur in yourself, or be occasioned in others by your presence. Faith healing may work here, as may any sort of prayer or magic, and your ideas and mere presence have real effects on others' lives. The old is destroyed and new born; the fields are revitalized and made fertile by burning.
Here is where conflicts between habits and principles are experienced, and where timing saves the day from the consequences of a defiant attitude and extreme individualism. It is not a place for those who seek trivial pleasures from life, as here, you get involved personally in social struggle, labor movements, revolts, future shock and cultural interface. Advance is accomplished through some difficulty, and you try to get by foul means what could easily have been had by fair. The mind is inflexible, there is inability to share, and antisentimentalism leads to a virtuous self image that is willing to cut off its nose to spite its face. The best from future and past can be blended into career or other life patterns, though there is danger in being inhibited by accomplishments when the time to change comes. You are apt to be conscious of great social cycles, yet misunderstood and even ostracized in your time, and your very existence poses a threat to the Establishment, that must change either you or itself. Constant dissatisfaction, erratic health, inconstancy, love of drastic action that leaves you open to accidental injury, are all dangers of this location.
Another place to avoid, as here, ghosts from the past must be lived with, and darkest secrets eventually out into public scrutiny. Pessimistic introversion, loneliness and solitude are the moods here, and while possibly congenial for hermits, recluses, monks or misanthropes, this area seems negative for almost anyone who wants to live an active or productive life. Reality and imagination are confused by intense paranoia, terrific illusions, persecution feelings and wild visions of apocalypse. Career progress is slow, and made through subterfuge, which inevitably outs, and fatigue, poor health, often due to allergies or ailments of age, disgrace, addiction, imprisonment or ascenticism present a consistently dreary picture. Rigorous spiritual discipline can be mastered, there is some possibility of advance in the spiritual hierarchies, as well as release from bondage. Here is where you can get into yourself, perhaps study music or complex theology, and concretize spiritual ideas, but few will enjoy long residence in this astrological climate.
Another somewhat lugubrious locale, experiences under these planets will tend to be serious, responsible, and concerned with death, duty and responsibility. You express unusual, unquestioning respect for authority, for what has been done, and may find some tradition or body of knowledge that is of great significance to your work, or succeed in research after long toil. Individualism, dignity, quiet resistence to injustice and change of patterns of self definition are the positive side of this combination, while the negative side contains possibility of death, mourning, unwanted burdens, suspension of growth, mortification, solitude and recognition of personal powerlessness in the face of tyrannical forces or fate. This is where you weigh your own soul, make decisions for the rest of your life, and where the past closes behind you firmly and for good. Dependents and the elderly may pass away in this locale, and you are humbled in the face of your own weakness and mortality. Discipline and compulsion are in conflict, and, if either planet lies on the Descendant, there is grave danger.
Here is where you are able to find yourself through letting go, through meditation, and through opening yourself to universal forces and ideas. There will be some necessary dependence on others as proof of universalization of your identity, and communal situations are congenial here. Intuition, and instinctive understanding of the arcane improve, and illumination can occur, but you should rely on your own inner voice, and avoid psychics and others' answers to your questions. Earlier value systems are scrapped, a distinct Utopian consciousness evolves, but practical matters may be ignored. True creative genius or enlightenment can manifest under these planets, especially after a sense of futility and loss have been plumbed, and you become the vehicle for social or cosmic forces. You see yourself in your place in the grand scheme of things.

Here a blast of illumination or total conversion can wipe out preconceptions of self and relationship, and both you and your society are transformed by the eruptions and rebellion from within. Amazing change and total self unfoldment are accomplished through personal efforts, and this place sees the birth of an outlaw through a final severance from the illusions and comforts of social living, and recognition of the absolute law of self. Here events befall you, often violent in nature, that bring the true self out of the matrix of attitudes and social involvements, and you see the only way to change the world is to change yourself into the fullest j expression of individuality. You are a one-person movement, and restlessness, need for change and a love of the spectacular and drastic insure that there are few dull moments under these planets. Events that befall you here mark you for life, partnerships are dissolved, and alone, you face what seems a cruel world. You have to cut the social umbilicus, so that you, like the hippies, transform society by merely being outside of it. There is some danger here also.
Under these two most mysterious planets, the ideals and illusions of life are burned away, and much of the phoney order of the mind is upset, with resultant higher, though frightening and alienating, vision. Here you feel, quite rightly, that you have been through the worst, and what survives this stormy climate can be counted on to be real. You are able to recognize that there is more than one level of consciousness, a stupendous realization, and that the subjective can control the objective. After a period of purging, you feel that there is nothing left to believe in, then come to find inner strength and power to see the larger view. You may feel ennui, boredom, that everything is hollow, so that the inner voice demands attention where exterior realities are dimmed. Drugs or meditation can evoke transformation in the life, but there is danger of not being able to stand the strain, as well as obvious inability to take care of practicalities. The unconscious, spirits, demons and visions intrude insistently into daily life until the idea of sanity itself is transcended.

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